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THE GREAT ESCAPE: How Crystal meth saved my life

My name is Charne Roberts , I’m so happy to be alive today, and so blessed to have three beautiful sons. But let me tell you how I nearly seized to exist. You know we live in a world where society has all these negative views of Crystal meth, but today I would like to change the narrative and let everyone know how Crystal meth has saved my life. A few years ago I had 2 unfortunate events that ruined my life and scared my soul to a point where wanting to live was just not an option.

The 1st tragic event was the passing of the love of my life, who I had been dating for 8 years. After 8 years we finally got engaged and then 2 days later he was shot dead. I was left in a complete state and completely heartbroken. All I wanted to do was die and at that moment suicide was on my brain.

Then not long after he passed my family home burnt down to the ground. Some say it was an electrical fault and others who were in the house, say it’s my 5-year-old niece who was playing with matches that set the curtains alight. The entire house was engulfed in flames resulting in the death of my nephews aged 9 and 2. I still remember their dredged screams as they were screaming for help. But no one was able to save them, not even the firemen who came hours late.

I wish I can find the words to express the amount of pain I was feeling back then. I became my own biggest enemy and I hated God so much. I was having constant thoughts of suicide with a few attempts. I was mourning the loss of my loved ones and my family was separated with each one living with someone until we could find a place where we could all stay together again. Everyone was going for counselling but not me. Speaking about it made it real and I was just not ready to deal. I needed an escape, I needed some peace of mind as I was going crazy. That’s when I embraced Crystal meth, she has entered my life before but briefly. This time however she came to visit more frequently, this time she was around to stay. Visits together were so sweet, one puff filled my heart with joy. One puff and I was wrapped in a warm embrace, my mind filled with blissful thoughts. Crystal meth was the exact distraction I needed, it became my sweet escape. It’s honestly not that easy to articulate the amount of euphoria I became to feel, all the world just melted away and it was just me enjoying the company of my friend Crystal. It was like my inside began to radiate euphoric energy and anything I set my mind to got me completely captivated and completely distracted from my tragic reality. The thought of suicide become something of the past.

May years has passed since my tragic events but overtime I had time to deal and to heal and I did this when I was ready. People say Crystal meth will kill you, I say almost anything will kill you even walking out of the house and getting knocked over by a car. Crystal meth saved my life, it was just the escape I needed at the time. I have no doubt that I would have ended my life had I not gotten the mental get away that I needed. I call it the great escape.

People say drugs are bad ….I say people are bad.
People say drugs will kill you ….I say anything can kill you.
Today I still enjoy the company of Crystal but she only pays me a visit once a month and that’s just for pure enjoyment.
Today I’m alive and people can judge me for saying this, but she saved my life!