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INPUD’s e-list is a global communication platform that is used for planning advocacy, sharing news, asking questions to others in the community and generally staying in touch with peers from around the world.

Membership on the e-list is limited to:

– People who inject drugs
– People who smoke stimulant drugs
– People who use opioid drugs by non-injecting routes of administration
– People on Opioid Agonist Therapy programmes
– People living with HIV, TB and Hepatitis who have a history of drug use
– People who use drugs who are incarcerated and/or those in drug detention centres or coerced treatment
– Some groups of stimulant snorters whose patterns of drug use are familiar to those injecting or smoking stimulants

Agreement with the Vancouver Declaration and the INPUD Consensus Statement are also required and applicants will be required to provide at least one reference from someone already on the e-list.

To apply for membership on our e-list please download, read, complete and return the following form to

English | Pусский | Français | Español | Português

You may also apply online here (English only for now).