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In the time of COVID-19: Civil Society Statement on COVID-19 and People who Use Drugs (2020)
In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, this joint statement urges the international community to take proactive and coordinated action to protect the health and human rights of people who use drugs.
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Extended-Release Opioid Agonist Products – A Community Position Statement (2019)
This paper outlines INPUD’s position on prolonged-release buprenorphine formulations for people with opiate dependence. Although these options can represent the right solution for some individuals, a significant risk of coercive use still exists.

Women who Use Drugs and HIV: Position Statement (2015)
This collaborate statement between INPUD, ICW and INWUD serves as the beginning of a joint effort to recognize and address the specific needs and rights of women who use rugs who are also living with HIV.

Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) for People who Use Drugs (2015)
Though PrEP could potentially be a tool for preventing the transmission of HIV, further studies as to the efficacy of PrEP must be ethical and methodically sound to determine its full benefits for people who inject drugs.

INPUD Statement and Position Paper on Capital Punishment for Drug Offences (2012)
INPUD emphatically opposes the unjust and ineffective policy of drug prohibition, including excessive punishments for those who produce, use or supply drugs.

INPUD Statement and Position Paper on Language, Identity, Inclusivity and Discrimination (2011)
The millions of people around the world who use drugs are immensely diverse and their relationship with drugs takes many different forms. As with other movements for equality, language is one domain through which identity is expressed and where oppression may arise.

Illicit Drug Use in Pregnancy: An Appropriate Response (2011)
This joint paper with WHRIN discusses the misinformation, stigma and discrimination which contribute to the idea that any type of drug use during pregnancy is harmful to mother and/or child.