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This page contains up to date information about upcoming events by INPUD, our members and other network of people who use drugs. Also listed are external events which may be of interest to people who use drugs. Scroll down further for recordings and materials from past INPUD events.

UNAIDS Joint Workshop AfricaNPUD and MENANPUD

7- 11 November 2022

Kenya – in person

Representatives from AfricaNPUD and MENANPUD will be attending a joint workshop with UNAIDS for training from 7 until 11 November. The training is designed to strengthen the capacity of people who use drugs to effectively advocate for progress on the 10-10-10 social enabler targets recently adopted in the Global AIDS Strategy and 2021 Political Declaration on HIV/AIDS, (particularly in regard to decriminalisation and the removal of punitive policies) as well as on the 30-60-80 targets on community led responses to HIV ; and to hold governments accountable for implementing law and policy change in order to reach these targets

INSHU 2022
19-21 October, 2022
SEC, Glasgow & Virtual

The 10th International Conference on Health and Hepatitis Care in Substance Users (INHSU2022) exists to unite researchers, clinicians, people with lived experience, policymakers, and community organisations to improve the health and wellbeing of people who use drugs. Early bird registration for both in-person and online attendance is now open and runs until 31 July.

27th Harm Reduction International Conference
16-19 April, 2023
Melbourne, Australia

The Harm Reduction International Conference, convened by Harm Reduction International every two years, attracts over 1,000 international delegates for four days of presentations, workshops, films, networking events and more. The conference provides a dynamic forum to share the latest research and discussions on best practice in drug use, harm reduction and human rights. The conference theme, Strength in Solidarity, will underpin all HR23 activities and highlight the importance of our strength – as people, as a community, as a global movement – in sticking together. Early bird registration is open now through 15th January 2023, and discounted tickets are available for people coming from low income countries.

NFM4: How People who Use Drugs can Meaningfully Engage
27th September, 2022
14.00 – 15.30 CEST

People who use drugs must be meaningfully engaged in all Global Fund processes. In preparation for the new Global Fund 2023-2025 grant cycle (New Funding Model 4/NFM4), join INPUD on 27th September for a webinar introducing NFM4 processes and timelines along with tips on maximising community engagement. The webinar will include presentations from INPUD, PKNI, Kenya Sex Workers Alliance, the Global Fund and UNAIDS followed by Q&A. Click here to register.

People who Use Drugs at AIDS2022
29 July – 2 August, 2022
The International AIDS Conference 2022 (AIDS2022) took place in Montreal, Canada between 29th July and 2nd August. Despite discrimination in the visa application process which rendered many community members from the Global South unable to attend the conference, INPUD nevertheless had a strong presence at the conference. This page contains content from INPUD members and the community of people who use drugs from AIDS2022.

Engaging with the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW): Guidance for Women who Use Drugs
21 July, 2022

On International Drug Users Remembrance Day (21 July), join INPUD alongside Asteria Kyrgyzstan, IWRAW Asia Pacific and UN human rights defenders for a discussion on how the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) can be utilised by drug user advocates to address human rights violations in our communities and amplify the specific impacts of drug policy on women and gender-diverse people who use drugs. CEDAW is a key human rights mechanism established to monitor and defend the human rights of women in all their diversity. The objective of this webinar is to familiarise networks and communities of women who use drugs with the concept of CEDAW, what value it brings to the community, and to share practical tips for conducting advocacy around CEDAW.

Human Rights Violations against People who Use Drugs in Sub-Saharan Africa
Tuesday, 28th June

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted structural inequalities which expanded human rights violations against people who use drugs in sub-Saharan Africa. Join the African Network of People who Use Drugs (AfricaNPUD), with speakers from the community as well as UNAIDS and IDPC, for the launch of a landmark report documenting this situation which can inform future drug laws and policies and enhance human rights advocacy among people who use drugs in Africa.

Engaging and Impacting the Universal Periodic Review: Guidance for People who Use Drugs
25 May, 2022
13:00 CEST – 14:30 CEST

Join us on 25th May for a webinar on the Universal Periodic Review (UPR), a key human rights mechanism where the human rights record of States are reviewed by other States as well as through civil society contributions such as shadow reports. Recommendations from UPR rarely address human rights concerns from people who use drugs, in large point because there have been very few drug user-led networks which have engaged in the UPR process. This webinar will feature a speaker from one drug user network which has (Recovering Nepal) as well to recount their experience as well as other speakers who will provide an overview of UPR and guidance on how to maximise engagement.

Global Fund Complaints Mechanism: How can people who use drugs use it effectively?
29 April, 2022

As a part of the Global Fund’s CRG Strategic Initiative, INPUD is organizing a Peer Technical Support Hub on the topic of the GF Complaints Mechanism and how it works for the communities. he objective of the call is to familiarise networks and communities of people who use drugs with the concept of the GF Complaints Mechanism and Office of Inspector General (OIG), what value it brings to the community and how peers can get more engaged in these GF-related processes when reporting fraud, abuse and human rights violations. 

Ending Inequalities for People Who Use Drugs: How the Global HIV Response can Transform Drug Policy (and vice versa)
14 March, 2022

This side event for the 65th Commission on Narcotic Drugs was originally presented on 14 March, 2022. Organised by INPUD, it was co-sponsored by Médecins du Monde, UNAIDS, UNODC HIV/AIDS Section, the Netherlands and Australia. We thank the Robert Carr Fund and Love Alliance for their financial support.

Fundraising Training: Fundraising through Private Individual Donations
16 December, 2021

In the first of three scheduled trainings for INPUD members Grigory Svedlin, head of the nonproft “Nochlezhka”, leads an interactive workshop on fundraising through private individual donations. The discussion highlights financial planning, crowdfunding, campaigns and donation boxes as effective ways for networks of people who use drugs to raise money for our work and communities.

International Drug Users Day 2021
1 November, 2021

Every year on International Drug Users Day, people who use drugs all over the world celebrate our history and affirm our rights. This year’s celebration of International Drug Users Day was marked by a social media campaign, #PowerOfPeers, as well as a statement demanding that the community of people who use drugs are fully resourced and funded and provided with the space to participate in decision-making process, and a call for full decriminalisation of drugs with no sanctions.

Global Fund Short Term Technical Assistance for People who Use Drugs: 3rd Peer Technical Support Hub
26 October, 2021

As a part of the Global Fund Community, RIghts and Gender Strategic Initiative (CRG SI), INPUD organised a 3rd Peer Technical Support Hub on the topic of Short-term technical assistance for the community of people who use drugs. This webinar explains the application process, covers eligible activities and serves as a source of support for drug user-led networks applying for technical assistance from the Global Fund. Speakers include members of the Global Fund Secretariat along with representatives from peer-led networks LANPUD, EANNASO and COACT.

INPUD Peer Technical Support Forum: Global Fund County Coordinating Mechanism

22 September, 2021

This forum was held to familiarise networks and communities of people who use drugs with the concept of Global Fund Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM) evolution, what value it brings to the community and how peers can get more engaged in Global Fund related processes when advocating for their priorities. Speakers include peers, Global Fund Secretariat staff from the CCM Evolution Hub and the Global Fund Community, Rights and Gender Team (CRG).

International Drug Users Remembrance Day 2021
21 July, 2021

On International Drug Users Remembrance Day, we take time to remember the people whose lives were unjustly cut short due to the criminalisation and stigmatisation of people who use drugs. To us, they were more than a casualty; they were our family, friends, peers and loved ones. To commemorate this day in 2021, INPUD launched an online remembrance event called the #MoreThan campaign along with a webinar discussing the interventions necessary to eliminate stigma, discrimination and criminalisation faced by people who use drugs.

The Right to Rights: How to Get There for People who Use Drugs (HLM2021 Side Event)
8 June, 2021

This side event, conducted during the 2021 United Nations General Assembly High Level Meeting on HIV/AIDS (HLM), raised awareness around the human rights barriers faced by people who use drugs and to support policy initiatives aimed at reforming the legal and policy frameworks currently criminalizing drug use and possession, along with rethinking the function of punishment and intervention in the lives of people who use drugs. This event was organised by INPUD in partnership with UNODC, International AIDS Society, World Health Organization (WHO), UNDP, OHCHR, and UNAIDS.

‘We are the Evidence’ – Community-led Responses on Decriminalisation, COVID-19 and Harm Reduction
13 April, 2021

‘We Are the Evidence’: Community-Led Responses on Decriminalisation, Harm Reduction and COVID-19 is a discussion on why and how people who use drugs should be at the centre of advancing policy towards decriminalisation of drugs. INPUD, along with HIV Legal Network, UNAIDS and the Norwegian Ministry of Health and Care Services, presented this virtual side event at the 64th session of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs.

Taking the Lead: Addressing the Critical Role of Communities in Research
18 February, 2021

Much of the research which informs policy and decision making systemically excludes communities and key populations such as people who use drugs, people who live on the streets, transgender people, sex workers and men who have sex with men. This webinar discusses the importance of communities engaging in research by presenting the success of a recent community-led, multi-country values and preferences study on Hepatitis C Self-Testing.