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Here are the latest news, announcements and updates for INPUD and our member networks. Check back here often for the latest information.

INPUD in the media

Judy Chang, our Executive Director was invited to publish an opinion piece in the BMJ. The piece is titled Rigid opiate agonist treatment programmes risk denying people their agency. In it she calls for “Greater flexibility is needed to create more person-centred care in drug treatment services, but the prohibitionist ideas that underpin clinical practice need to be tackled too”.

Please click here to read the opinion piece.

The Legal Environment Scan is a drug user-led monitoring toolkit designed for community organisations and their partners to support people who use drugs in assessing their legal and policy environment, developing appropriate recommendations for law and policy reform to remove barriers to access to essential HIV services and relevant health services, and raising awareness of those reforms.

Please click here to read more about the Legal Environment Scan.

Jude Byrne Emerging Female Leader Award – Call for Nominations/ Applications

INHSU and INPUD are excited to announce the opening for nominations/applications for the Jude Byrne Emerging Female Leader Award. Now in its second year, The Jude Byrne Emerging Female Leader Award has been developed by INHSU and INPUD to provide growth and development opportunities for young people who identify as women. The deadline for the nominations/applications is 16 March 2023.

Click here to read more about the award.

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Call for Submissions: INWUD Blog Project
Deadline: 30th November, 2022
Send submissions to:

The International Network of Women who Use Drugs (INWUD) is excited to launch a blog project centred around the concept of Narcofeminism – a narrative-reforming movement that brings together women who use drugs in all their diversity to challenge outdated, stigmatising and patriarchal narratives about our bodies, our choices, our rights and our voices. Find out how you can contribute a submission by clicking here.

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