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International Drug Users Day 2023

Every year on International Drug Users Day, people who use drugs all over the world celebrate our history and affirm our rights. INPUD was formally launched on International Drug Users’ Day 2008 by drug user rights activists seeking to create an international platform where members of our community could confidently and proudly advocate for the health and human rights of people who use drugs globally. Every year since, we have marked this day with a celebration of our diverse, vibrant communities’ accomplishments, while also acknowledging our work is more critical than ever.

This year, we released a statement stressing the importance of peer leadership from the community of people who use drugs. This statement is also accompanied with a video of reflections from drug user leaders from around the world as a testament on why the world needs drug user leaders. Join us in celebrating and amplifying the voices of peer leaders from around the world. #peerleadership #powerofpeers #nothingaboutuswithoutus #IDUD2023