The Smart Sex Worker’s and Drug User’s Guide


This Smart Guide is a quick reference for sex workers and people who use drugs to help understand the transition from Global Fund financing. It explains what the process is, how it works and why it is happening. It highlights the risks as well as the (few) opportunities there may be for a responsible transition, and suggests actions for engaging in the transition process. It will help the community ensure the continuation of rights-based health and social care programming for sex workers and people who use drugs after a country transitions out of Global Fund financing or away from other external donor financial support. For the Smart Guide, click here.

The Smart Guide is now available in several other languages. 

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November 2017

This IDUIT Brief Guide for People who Use Drugs is intended to outline the key concepts of Implementing Comprehensive HIV and HCV Programs with People who Inject Drugs: Practical Guidance for Collaborative Interventions (the IDUIT) related to prevention, treatment and empowerment with regard to HIV and HCV, and point to how activists and professionals from among the community of people who use drugs might promote better policy and practice.


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