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Crib Sheet on Participating in the 6th Global Fund Partnership Forums

The 6th Partnership Forums of the Global Fund started on February 2nd, 2021. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Global Fund Partnership Forums are being held virtually. 

Since 2002, the Global Fund has been one of the main funders of health and human rights programmes for people using drugs in countries with low and middle income. The 6th Partnership Forums’ main focus is to discuss how the Global Fund can better work after 2021 and achieve the ambitious 2030 goals for HIV, TB, malaria, and health in general as it set out in UN Sustainable Development Goal Three.

This is an important window of opportunity for people who use drugs to advocate for both maintaining and increasing focus and investment on protecting the health and defending the human rights of people who use drugs and promote the better alignment of the Global Fund funding with the needs of the community of people who use drugs. This Crib Sheet provides practical guidance on participating in the Partnership Forums and highlights key discussion points, which can be used to advocate for community priorities during the Forums.

Read the full Crib Sheet (in English) here.

If you would like to discuss your participation, or any of the key issues, please feel free to contact Gennady Roshchupkin, INPUD Technical Advisor –