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Global Fund Board Meeting 15-17th of November 2022

INPUD’s Executive Director is a member of the Developed Country NGO Delegation to the Global Fund Board, who is the largest funder of harm reduction and people who use drugs programming in the world. This Board meeting was the first where INPUD attended as a member of this delegation, which was a particularly important one given that it was post-Replenishment (funding drive for the Global Fund) and the Global Fund raised a historic 15.7 billion dollars from 47 public and 27 private sector donors. However, this was short of the 18 billion fundraising targets. Agenda items included Communities and Gender, Next Gen Market Shaping, Catalytic Investments etc. Overall, Catalytic Investments (funding for communities and human rights) experienced a slight decrease, but we will continue to monitor budget allocations. The DevDel Delegation raised the importance of community-led responses and welcomed the additional emphasis on community leadership and responses within the upcoming Global Fund Grant Cycle 7 (previously NFM4)

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