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Global Funds Complaints Mechanism

How can people who use drugs use it effectively?

The Global Funds Complaints Mechanism is a tool that people who use drugs can utilise when reporting issues of corruption, fraud, human rights violations, mismanagement, and misuse of Global Fund funding to ensure that they are investigated and resolved.


The Global Fund is the largest donor for harm reduction in low-and middle-income countries,
therefore, ensuring effective implementation of high-quality harm reduction services and drug
policy programmes is crucial to our health and rights.

By speaking out about alleged wrongdoings and irregularities, people who use drugs will be able to influence how Global Fund money is spent, improve programming and quality of services, ensure that medicine and health products are reaching people who use drugs, advance meaningful participation of our community in Global Fund processes, and hold people/institutions accountable.

It is worth reporting any alleged wrongdoings early on as it can help to prevent
small-scale irregularities from escalating into widespread corruption, human rights violations,
or abuse.

2 thoughts on “Global Funds Complaints Mechanism”

  1. Hello, my name is Said Slim, I have been working in a harm reduction organization in Mexico for 13 years, I am a founding member and we have since 2018 that the federal government has cut off all funds available to finance harm reduction programs in Mexico, until it closes, after the entry of fentanyl into our country and already with an overdose crisis facing it, we continue without receiving public financing and all the naloxone, injections, kites, HIV tests, accompaniments and opioid substitution treatments for them to distribute with funds obtained from donations from the USA and Canada and from private donations. In addition to this resource crisis, in 2018 a government persecution began against people who injected drugs in Baja California and we managed to document these human rights violations, where the local human rights commission has raised the first official recommendation in our country, against governments that have violated the human rights of people who consume drugs, by forcing admissions to rehabilitation centers in violation of the law. This situation continues to worsen and is clearly reflected in the HIV epidemic, hepatitis C and overdoses that plague our community. We need to position this situation internationally and receive help to deal with it.

    Said Slim
    Verter A. C.

    1. Hi Said

      Thanks for reaching out.

      Please keep in touch through the website and follow us on social media for other useful resources that you and your team can use to deal with your current situation.


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