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How People Who Use Drugs Are Helping Shape the Pandemic Treaty 

Friday 17 March: Vienna Join INPUD (International Network of People Who Use Drugs) for the launch of our ground-breaking report, “Pandemic Preparedness and Response: Voices of People who use Drugs”.

This report gives a global perspective on the experiences of people who use drugs from Africa, the Americas, Europe, and Southeast Asia, and provides evidence-based recommendations to inform the drafting of the Pandemic Treaty, an initiative of the WHO, which aims to create an effective platform for international cooperation and collaboration to make the global healthcare system stronger and more resilient.

INPUD is a global, peer-based organisation committed to fighting for the health and rights of people who use drugs. We are convinced that meaningful participation of people who use drugs in the drafting of the Pandemic Treaty is essential to ensure that their human rights are considered and protected, while enabling access to quality health care. This is especially important in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has exposed the weaknesses and shortcomings of the global healthcare system.

To create a truly representative and equitable Pandemic Treaty, it is essential that all communities are included, particularly those that have been traditionally marginalised such as people who use drugs. Their unique perspectives and experiences, shaped by the disproportionate impact of Covid-19, can provide invaluable insight into how to design an equitable system that is accessible to all and tailored to the needs of different communities. Through their innovative responses to the pandemic, people who use drugs can help to ensure the best possible outcomes for all. By including their voices in the process of creating the Pandemic Treaty, we can build a system that works for everyone.

“Our report provides authoritative and evidence-based insights and recommendations that should be included in the efforts to build a global health system that is equitable, resilient and prepared enough to respond to needs of all communities”.

Judy Chang, Executive Director of INPUD.

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