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How to plan your engagement – Global Fund Grant Cycle 7

People who use drugs must be involved and influence decisions made at each stage of the grant life cycle. 

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Too often people who use drugs are silenced in Global Fund processes. To ensure that our voices are listened to and heard, and our needs met, INPUD has prepared a short guide on how people who use drugs can plan their engagement in the Grant Cycle 7.

The Global Fund Grant Cycle 7 Guide provides an overview of the process as well as key opportunities for engagement. It also gives tips that when followed will lead to effective engagement. In each phase of funding request development, communities can plan their engagement following key steps and milestones. Keep in mind that each country will have its own approach to the processes involved in the grant life cycle.

The minimum expectations

Ensure that Global Fund’s minimum expectations are met at each stage of the grant cycle. 

  • Minimum Expectation 1:  The funding request development must include transparent and inclusive consultations with populations most impacted by HIV, TB, and malaria, across gender and age.
  • Minimum Expectation 2:  To further their involvement in oversight, community and civil society representatives in the CCMs must have timely access to information on the status of grant negotiations and any changes to the grant.
  • Minimum Expectation 3:  Community and civil society representatives on the CCM have timely access to information on programme implementation.

Preparation phase

The main goal for this phase is to develop an advocacy roadmap to influence funding request
development. For this, you will need to gather information on key dates, identify advocacy entry
points, as well as map out partners and opportunities for technical and financial support.

Steps to include in the preparation phase 

  • Create a roadmap
  • Map partners and stakeholders
  • Secure financial aid
  • Technical support

Funding request development phase

Your key advocacy goal in this phase is to include your community priorities in the funding 
request. You can achieve this by organising a community consultation, identifying priorities,
costing them and advocating for them during country dialogue processes and beyond.

Steps to follow in the funding request development phase

  • Gather and analyse data on your community
  • Organise a community consultation and choose your priorities
  • Justify your priorities
  • Cost your priorities
  • Get involved, be proactive and advocate!
  • Get your priorities included in Funding Request Documents
  • CCM sign off

Grant negotiation phase

The main goal in this phase is to ensure that programmes for people who use drugs are not
deprioritised during the grant negotiating phase.

The steps to be followed in grant negotiation phase 

  • Technical Review Panel
  • Negotiations and grant-making

Contact INPUD (find our contacts in Annex 1 of the Guide) if you have any question or need support.

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