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INPUD Sessions at AIDS 2022

21st July, 2022

This page contains all sessions at the AIDS 2022 conference which are either organised/co-organised by INPUD, or feature speakers from the community of people who use drugs. All times listed are local Montreal time.

The full AIDS 2022 programme can be viewed at:

Accelerating the implementation of the Global AIDS Strategy through a Community-led Response
07.45 – 08.45; Room 517a/Channel 3
AIDS 2022 provides an optimal platform to take stock of key lessons learned from the community. This session will promote community-led responses and how they center a rights-based and mutually accountable AIDS response. Aditia Taslim (INPUD) will be speaking about INPUD’s work building the capacity of drug user-led networks.

Satellite session: Launching new WHO guidelines for key populations: Focus for impact
14.45 – 16.15; Room 517d/Channel 2
Presentation and panel to launch the updated WHO consolidated guidelines on HIV, hepatitis and STIs prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care for key populations, 2022. Annie Madden (INPUD) will be presenting on the panel.

Satellite session: Self-testing to enhance HIV, Hepatitis C and COVID-19 diagnosis and integrated, differentiated service delivery
14.45 – 16.15
 ; Room 518/Channel 10
In this session speakers will reflect on the levers that have contributed to the HIV Self-testing market growth and present preliminary results from use cases for Covid-19 and Hepatitis C self-testing. Aditia Taslim (INPUD) will be speaking during the moderated discussion.

Satellite session: HIV and Viral Hepatitis: integrating programmes and financing to accelerate achievement of twin goals to eliminate HIV and viral hepatitis by 2030
18.15 – 19.45; Room 517a/Channel 3

In this session, communities affected by viral hepatitis and HIV will share their perspectives on why it is urgent to scale-up access to HBV and HCV services. Aditia Taslim (INPUD) will be presenting a community “call to action”.

Networking Zone: INPUD Community-led Research Meeting on Pandemic Preparedness & Responses Research Project
11.00 – 12.00; Aidsfond Networking Zone 90 (in the centre of GV Hall)

Annie Madden (INPUD) will be leading this session to give an introduction and overview to INPUD’s community research of Pandemic Preparedness and Responses. INPUD is seeking people who use drugs to be involved in the project.

Launch of WHO Guidelines on Key Populations
14.15 – 15.15; Love Alliance exhibition booth
Angela McBride (SANPUD) will be speaking and sharing information on the values and preferences study undertaken as part of the WHO Guidelines on Key Populations.

Satellite Session: Drugs, HIV and community involvement: a 360 degree vision on how to approach harm reduction practices and policies
08.00 – 09.00; Room 511/Channel 7
This session will explore how healthcare access, peer involvement and community-based research is key to ending overdoses, hepatitis C and HIV. Judy Chang and Annie Madden (INPUD) will be joining the round table discussion.

Satellite Session: Communities leading the way: The importance of key population community-led responses in HIV 2022
08.00 – 09.00; Room 517d/Channel 2
This satellite session brings together key population-led networks and organisations to articulate a vision of moving forward in the HIV response that is community-led and community-accountable. Judy Chang (INPUD), Jessica Morales (LANPUD) and Angela McBride (SANPUD) will all be participating in the discussion.

Satellite Session: Differentiated Service Delivery for People who Inject Drugs (PWID) in Africa: Priorities and Lessons Learned
17.45 – 19.15; Room 524/Channel 9
This session will focus on the importance of designing person-centered HIV prevention, testing and treatment models for people who inject drugs in Africa. Kassim Nyuni (AfricaNPUD), Marineus Mutongore (TaNPUD), Angela McBride (SANPUD) and Titus Ndi Ndukong (Empower Cameroon) will be speaking and answering questions.

Symposium: The 2025 targets: Powerful motivators or will we miss the mark?
10.30 – 11.30; Room 517d/Channel 2
The 2020 fast-track targets were powerful motivators, but they were largely missed due to inequalities. This session will consider the 2025 global AIDS targets and how they are a better tool for addressing HIV among key populations than the 2020 targets. Judy Chang (INPUD) will be presenting and answering questions.

Women’s Networking Zone: Resisting the War on Drugs is a Feminist Issue
10:30 – 11:30am; Women’s Networking Zone (TBC)
This session is a follow-up to the recent INPUD/AWID jointly hosted Feminist Donor Dialogue Webinar titled: ‘Funding Feminists Resisting the War on Drugs’. The session will commence with brief open statements to frame the key issues for the session followed by open participant discussion on why resisting the war on drugs is a feminist issue. Annie Madden (INPUD) and Alla Bessonova (Kyrgyzstan), Women from Key Communities Network will be speaking and answering questions.

Symposium: Drug use and HIV: A matter of world health
14.15 – 15.15; Room 220d/e/Channel 1
This session will explore if decriminalisation of drug use and possession can become the norm in a frequently changing environment of policy reforms, conflict, social crises and community involvement through local activism. Shaun Shelly (SANPUD) will be speaking.