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International Drug Users Remembrance Day 2021

21 July, 2021

On International Drug Users Remembrance Day, we take time to remember the people whose lives were unjustly cut short due to the criminalisation and stigmatisation of people who use drugs. To us, they were more than a casualty; they were our family, friends, peers and loved ones.

To commemorate this day in 2021, INPUD launched an online remembrance event called the #MoreThan campaign. Throughout the day posted photos and memories of the people and loves ones in our communities whose lives were unjustly cut short due to criminalisation, discrimination and stigmatisation. The campaign highlighted that we are all “More Than” any label that denies our inherent humanity. We are all individuals with multiple identities, interests, passions and dreams.

These images were used as part of the #MoreThan campaign to highlight stigma, discrimination and criminalisation of people who use drugs in justice and healthcare settings:

The infographics is also viewable as a video:

To honor the memory of all those we lost, INPUD held a webinar with UNAIDS and GNP+ discussing the interventions necessary to eliminate stigma, discrimination and criminalisation faced by people who use drugs, and how this work is being conducted through the Global Partnership for Action to Eliminate All Forms of HIV-Related Stigma and Discrimination.