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Meaningful and effective partnerships

INHSU Conference 19-21st of October 2022

INPUD attended the annual INHSU conference held in Glasgow, Scotland. This year INPUD was on the Steering Committee and the Community Committee. We delivered multiple presentations on various panels including the role and importance of community-led values and preferences research, HCV elimination amongst people who inject drugs and in prisons and how to get research published (Annie Madden), community perspective on access to harm reduction and how to use community-led monitoring and advocacy to improve services (Judy Chang). Aditia Taslim presented during the community day, sharing some of the work INPUD is doing around community-led advocacy on the Global AIDS Strategy targets. Finally, the inaugural recipients of the Jude Byrne Emerging Female Leader Award, Yatie Jonet and Danielle Russell presented both at the INHSU plenary and during the Community Day on their plans and experiences for the award, which were incredibly inspiring and well-received by conference participants.

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