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Three Building Blocks to a New Global Fund Strategy

1 February, 2021

In January 2021 more than 100 representatives of community and civil society organisations representing and working for people living with and affected by HIV, TB and Malaria held a series of three civil society pre-Partnership Forum virtual gatherings organised by the Global Fund Secretariat. These meetings offered an opportunity for us to strategize on collective community and civil society priorities for the 2022–2026 Global Fund Strategy and prepare for how they could be presented and discussed during the Partnership Forums.

This statement summarizes several of the key messages from across the three pre-meetings. The outcomes build on and complement the results and findings from consultations that civil society and communities have been organizing for several months as well as the policy and advocacy documents, position papers and other statements that they continue to prepare as part of the Strategy development process.

The three building blocks for the new Global Fund strategy described in the statement are:

1. Tackle the barriers to getting services to people who need them
2. Invest more in community-led responses, including in mobilisation, monitoring and advocacy
3. Keep the main focus on HIV, TB and Malaria

We want to see a new Global Fund Strategy that directly references our priorities or will be interpreted and implemented so that action is taken in response to our priority concerns and recommendations. And we want to see the Global Fund take this action both internally – across all Global Fund processes and systems, from country to global level – and externally, in its engagement with all partners.