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Global Fund Complaints Mechanism

The Global Fund Complaints Mechanism is a tool that people who use drugs can utilise when reporting issues of corruption, fraud, human rights violations, mismanagement, and misuse of Global Fund funding to ensure that they are investigated and resolved.


The Global Fund is the largest donor for harm reduction in low-and middle-income countries, therefore ensuring effective implementation of high-quality harm reduction services and drug policy programmes is crucial to our health and rights. By speaking out about alleged wrongdoings and irregularities, we will be able to influence how Global Fund money is spent, improve programming and quality of services, ensure that medicine and health products are reaching people who use drugs, advance meaningful participation of our community in Global Fund processes, and hold people/institutions accountable.

Remember, it is worth reporting any alleged wrongdoings early on as it can help to prevent small-scale irregularities from escalating into widespread corruption, human rights violations, or other serious problems. Doing so will help protect the hard-earned progress we have made in ensuring that people who use drugs have access to life-saving harm reduction services.

The document is also available in French, Spanish, and Russian.

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